Folding and hydraulic lift benches

Benches that change the space.

It's benches for people open to change. They are characterized by exceptional functionality and adaptation. What does it mean? With one piece of furniture You decide on the option bench, table, or dinner-table. Adjusting the furniture to the current needs enable a intelligent system of dimensions regulation easy-IRS, so that one person can very quickly and easily convert the bench at the dinner-table for large familly. And all this without using the force!

The feature that distinguishes our bench is very good stability in any form of use. You can serve without any worries on the entire surface of the unfolded and raised benches hot soups, colorful drinks and flavorful cake.

Each element of the bench is extremely resistant to both discoloration, high temperatures, and scratches, thereby our benches have become commonplace in many homes and received the name of a family member. Regardless of whether or around the benches accumulate an emotional football fans or curious children, laminated surface of the furniture remain unmoved hot dishes, spilled tea or interfering toy. In addition, very strong glue used in the production do not allow stratification of veneers even during mechanical damage.

These benches are ideal for apartments, where good use of space is a important thing.

If you belong to people who do not know what a boring arrangement is, use a wide range of available benches models and choose the one, that will complement your interior or compose whole set of furniture. We invite you to read the catalog of available colors.