Rhinos are one of the largest animals that lived on earth, but in spite of his formidable appearance are extremely sensitive. They prefectly represent our values, and this is why the image of a rhinoceros is our logo. These animals love, are protective, sensitive and gentle. They can be happy, sad, move and fight. They are characterized by a unique temperament and unusual personality.

Meet Piękniś (?) – he is thirteen years old and live in the African savannah. We adopted him through an enviroment protecting organization WWF to support efforts to prevent the extinction of this species. These beautiful animals are exposed to the cruelty of poachers, for which rhinoceros horns are worth more than gold.

Adoption is a symbolic adoption, and the money from the monthly fees are allocated e.g. on:

  • translocation of rhinos nature reserves
  • conducting educational campaigns in Vietnam, where most poaching rhino horns goes
  • support anti-poachnig patrols in Africa and Asia with modern equipment and training

Want to learn more? Or maybe You want to adopt Your own rhinoceros?
We encourage you to visit: https://pomagam.wwf.pl/nosorozec/